tirsdag 6. august 2013


Another dress for little girls, and more in progress!!!
Just love these. Fun to make too.
(Don`t know what to do with them, I don`t have little ones no more....LOL).
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Handknitted scarf in green. Funny scarf to knit.
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Another super cute dress for little girls. I`m gonna make more of these!!!!!

Thank you for watching.

Hugs Maja !! :)

Just got my hands on this recipe (finally!!!!). Think these dresses are soooooo cute.
Crochet in cotton yarn. The skirt is made from a sundress I never got to wear. Just love the fabric!!!!!

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lørdag 13. juli 2013

Beanie/ Hengelue
Handknitted beanie / hengelue with marius pattern. Can`t seem to get enough of this pattern!!! LOL
Yarn: Silja
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Crochet shorts
Crochet shorts in size xs-s.
Yarn: Bomull Sport
Love Maja ;D

Cover up
Made this cover up (for "fire helpers" to the fireplace. Don`t know the correct word in english but in norwegian we call it tennbriketter) after the leftovers from the sweater below.
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