tirsdag 6. august 2013


Another dress for little girls, and more in progress!!!
Just love these. Fun to make too.
(Don`t know what to do with them, I don`t have little ones no more....LOL).
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Hugs Maja : )



Handknitted scarf in green. Funny scarf to knit.
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Love Maja ;D


Another super cute dress for little girls. I`m gonna make more of these!!!!!

Thank you for watching.

Hugs Maja !! :)

Just got my hands on this recipe (finally!!!!). Think these dresses are soooooo cute.
Crochet in cotton yarn. The skirt is made from a sundress I never got to wear. Just love the fabric!!!!!

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Love Maja ;D

lørdag 13. juli 2013

Beanie/ Hengelue
Handknitted beanie / hengelue with marius pattern. Can`t seem to get enough of this pattern!!! LOL
Yarn: Silja
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Hugs Maja :D

Crochet shorts
Crochet shorts in size xs-s.
Yarn: Bomull Sport
Love Maja ;D

Cover up
Made this cover up (for "fire helpers" to the fireplace. Don`t know the correct word in english but in norwegian we call it tennbriketter) after the leftovers from the sweater below.
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Love Maja :D

Sweater Marius-design
Handknitted sweater with marius pattern again!!
Size 10-12 years.
Yarn: Smart.
Hugs Maja :D

Dress/tunic !

Hanknitted dress/tunic in Alpaca and Delight. Love this dress!!!

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                                                                     Hugs Maja !!!

Scarf with glassbeads!
Scarf with glassbeads, crochet and knitted.
Made in alpaca. I have made a couple of these, and think I will make more. Think they are supercute!!
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Love Maja :D

Felted Santa for Wine !

Handknitted and felted Santa for 3 litres of Wine. Think they are so cute!

Knitted in Østlandsgarn and felted in machine.

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                                                                            Love Maja :D
Beer mittens!

The grey is for women and the navy for men.
Marius pattern again!!!!!!
I have knitted these in Østlandsgarn and felted them.
Thanks for stopping by. Love Maja ;D

onsdag 15. mai 2013


I finally got to finish the invitations for my daughters (second daughter)
konfirmasjon. About time so I can get them out!!!!
She wanted the colors light blue, white and silver.
Think they turned out pretty cute!
Lucky for me, I had already started them,or else I would have to buy all the stuff again. This because I`m looking for a new house and have packed all of my scrapping things.
Having all my stuff packed, this is the last of my scrapping project for a while (sadly),
but I will post my knitting project (this isn`t taking up so much space as my scrapping stuff!!!)
Thanks for stopping by, andas always feel free to leave any comment!!!
LOVE Maja :D

Painted picture

This is my first try in painting pictures. I`m not sure what to say (or think!) about it, but had fun doing it!!
Think this is going to be a part of the birthday present for my best friend (and will add other things off course!!)
I have used acrylic paint and gesso.
Hugs Maja :D

Knitted sweater for men
This sweater is made for my man for christmas. It is knitted with a yarn called Karisma.
I`m pleased the way tis sweater turned out (think he will be too!!)
Love Maja :D

Knitted Beanie
From the leftovers after the mens sweater I made a beanie in Marius-design.
Hugs Maja;D

Handknitted Marius-sweater for my second daughter. Made after her request. This is also gonna be a christmas present. Nearly done for christmas already!!!
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Love Maja ;D

Knitted sweater for my first daughter. Knitted in alpaca in the regular colors after her request. As you can see further down the page, I just love the Marius-design. Looks great and is really funny to knit.
Hugs Maja:D

This is a christmas present for my best friends daughter. It is similar to the one belove, just changed the pink with purple.
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Hugs Maja :D

Hand knitted sweater in alpaca. Made this Marius-design for my third daughter as a christmas present. Love this design!!!
 Hugs Maja


This sweater is made from the leftovers after the 2 other sweaters made for my girls.
This is size 2-3 years.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love Maja:D

Knitted sweater.
Handknitted sweater for me!!! After all the christmas presents it was time for making on for myself too!!
It is knitted with Drops loves you. It is alpaca and wool, and so soft and comfy!!!
Altough I prefer summer, I look forward to use this next winter!!
Love Maja!!!

Beer mittens.

2 beermittens in Marius-design. The grey for women and the blue for men.
I have made hundred or more of these (for and to colleges and friends).
A perfect gift for those who has everything, and off course likes beer!
Thanks for looking.
Love Maja :D

Knitted Santa for wine cartons.
Handknitted Santa for wine cartons. Decorative to have on the table during Christmas holiday. (Cover up the alcohol!!! LOL).
I have made several of these for friends and colleges. Makes them with the hat in different
Thanks for looking into my blog.
Hugs Maja.

Knitted/crochet scarf with pearls.
Handknitted scarf with glasspearls. Love this scarf! Sooo cute!!! :D
Made this for sale, but maybe I`ll have it myself.
Made another in brown and torqoise too.
Thanks for stopping by. Hugs Maja :D

torsdag 21. februar 2013

Beer - mitten

My last mitten for beer just now.
I have made a couple more, but haven`t finished them yet.
Hugs Maja :D

My first tag ever!!! (only made this because I damaged almost a whole sheet of bazzill. This is what I could save!!!!) Made this a " new baby " tag.
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Love Maja:D

Small birthday card.

This is the first small birthday card I made this round ( 10 x 10 cm).
Think this is for the girls/ women.
This also has a bookmark.
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Hugs Maja :D

Small birthday card

Another small birthday card with a bookmark (bokmerke).
Suitable for both girls and boys.
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Love Maja!!

Birthday card

My third small birthday card. Just love them!!!
Hugs Maja :D

Small birthday card

Another smaller birthday card.
Suitable for teenage girls or women. Made this with a pocket for money, gift card etc.
Thanks for popping by, and feel free to leave comments.
Love Maja :D

Small birthday card

Made this birthday card smaller than I use to, 10 x 10 cm.
Thought they were so fun to do so as you have seen, I made several!!!!
This one includes a bookmark (for the readers!!!)
Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to leave a comment.
Hugs Maja ;D